Beginners Databases - SQL

Module Topics SQL Skills
Getting data out of databases Single table SQL queries
  • Use single column SELECT queries
  • Recognise common syntax errors
  • Use multi-column SELECT queries
Data types and query filters Filtering query results against constant values
  • Recognise common data types
  • Use the * wildcard in queries
  • Use the WHERE clause to filter results
  • Recognise common string errors
  • Use integers and booleans in filter conditions
Filtering different data types Filtering results on a range of data types
  • Make comparisons on data types using (> < = <> >= <=)
  • Use dates and times in filter conditions
  • Use values stored in records within filter conditions
Using multiple filters Filtering results based on multiple conditions
  • Use the OR condition in query filters
  • Use the AND condition in query filters
  • Combine AND and OR to construct complex filters
Sorting results Ordering data in query results
  • Use the ORDER BY clause to sort results
  • Use filters with ORDER BY to sort filtered results
  • Use multiple fields to sort results