Grok Academy - Free for every Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand school (starting 2024).

We are excited to announce that the Grok Academy platform, including all our schools courses, resources and content will be free for every Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand student, teacher and parent.

This has been made possible thanks to the generous support of WiseTech Global, who have committed to a 5-year partnership with Grok Academy, which made the platform free for Australian schools from 2023, and Aotearoa New Zealand schools from 2024. The goal of this new partnership is to make learning digital technology skills available to every Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand student, teacher, parent and adult learner, for free!

Now it will be possible for Grok to fulfil our mission of educating all learners in transformative computing skills. Cost will no longer be a barrier to learning! All schools will be able to use our resources, from our online interactive courses, to our unplugged classroom and home activities, as well as our regular competitions and our comprehensive teaching resources.

Through this exciting partnership with WiseTech Global we will be driving real change in the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand tech industry from school level up by increasing exposure, excitement, and access to learning transformative digital technology skills.

In partnership with

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Free access is already available in Australia, and will commence in 2024 for Aotearoa New Zealand. To use Grok for free, you simply need to click Register, and create an account, all Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand accounts will automatically be granted access to the platform. To access all our schools content, including competitions you need to add your Australian or Aotearoa New Zealand institution to your account. Teachers, make sure you request verifcation so you can manage your students properly!
Our international users will still be able to access the platform with the same Grok Access system they used previously.

Our Mission

  • Supporting teachers - WiseTech and Grok Academy will help teachers deliver engaging and impactful computer skills learning, at no cost. We have curriculum aligned content and resources created by experienced teachers and curriculum experts, that will make it easier for teachers to plan and deliver their classes.
  • Highlighting careers - There are technology careers in every industry where you can change the world through IT solutions. WiseTech and Grok are committed to attracting more people to technology careers by making learning digital technology skills accessible and attractive starting from primary school level.
  • Increasing diversity - By exposing students, particularly females, ethnic minorities and students from disadvantaged groups, to the wonders of computer science and technology in school, we hope to increase the diversity of students studying and continuing on to technology careers.
Students at computers
Student and teacher at computer

Opportunities for schools

Now every Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand student can take part in the courses and competitions on our platform. This creates a wealth of opportunities for schools to expand their Digital Technologies programs and engage with interested students. Opportunities include:

  • Expanding Digital Technologies activities into other classes, subjects and years.
  • Starting school coding clubs.
  • Inviting interested students across the school to take part in our annual competitions.
  • Rainy day lunchtime activities

Future plans

Thanks to this support from WiseTech Global we are able to grow our team and create more content and resources, implement new and improved platform features and work more closely with our teachers to ensure they are getting the most out of the platform and that we are helping them in the classroom as much as possible. We will have more exciting news on this part, so watch this space!

Our CEO, Dr James Curran, working with high school students as they use the Grok platform.

How to get started


Simply Register an account and verify your email address, you may be able to login via SSO using your school credentials. Once you are registered, make sure you add your school to your account and request verification, this will allow us to confirm you are a teacher at your school and give you access to managing your students.

Once you are set up, it is time to add your students! You can do this on the Teacher Dashboard. You can find all the instructions on how to get started in our Teacher Grok It Guide


You can Register and create your own account, and Australian students will automatically be granted access to most of the courses and activities. Some of our courses and competitions require you to associate your account with a school, so make sure you add your school in your account settings. You can read more about how to get started in our Student Grok It Guide.


If you have more questions, check out our more extensive FAQs here: Free Grok FAQs or email us at