Grok Academy acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of Country throughout Australia and recognises the continuation of their cultural, spiritual and educational practices. We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and cultures; and to Elders past and present.

Our vision for reconciliation is an Australia that embraces unity between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians, and a national culture that represents equality and equity, historical acceptance of our shared history and removal of negative race relations. In the context of our organisation, this represents equal education outcomes for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, and an inclusive and diverse workplace that is not just culturally safe, but culturally rich and proud.

Grok Academy recognises the importance of reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and is committed to making a formal effort towards this cause. Grok is implementing a Reconciliation Action Plan with the aim to improve equity in schooling and support these communities in achieving their full potential through high quality, culturally relevant education.

A Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a framework for organisations to support the national reconciliation movement and is actioned in collaboration with Reconciliation Australia. Through RAPs, organisations commit to specific actions that advance relationships, respect, and opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. There are different levels of RAPs — Reflect, Innovate, Stretch, and Elevate — that guide organisations through their reconciliation journey.

“Harmony Unveiled: Grok Academy’s Reconciliation Journey”

Reconciliation Action Plan

Grok is currently in the Reflect phase, and our RAP is available below.

Grok Academy RAP- PDF

To learn more about Reconciliation Action Plans, please take a look at Reconciliation Australia’s website here.

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