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No experience required. Learn to code with students from around the world!

Starts October 24th(4 weeks)




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Beginners | Intermediate

Starts November 21st(1 week)

Web.Comp Tournament



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Starts November 28th(2 weeks)

Cyber Comp

Cyber Security

School Only

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How cyber secure is your school?

Starts December 2022

Hour of Code 2022

CS Education Week

Open to everyone

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Do an introductory hour of code!

Compete online on our state-of-the-art learning platform.

Challenging problems

Our problem-based learning approach matches each new concept with a problem so you learn by doing!

Code in the browser

Code from any device, any time - start a question on your iPad at school and finish it off on your computer at home.

Interactive notes

Dive straight into coding while using the notes, with interactive code snippets that can be edited and run.

Intelligent automarking

Our automarker breaks each problem down into tests and gives you useful feedback to help you solve it!

When you compete, you'll also receive…

Online tutor support

Find a welcoming community of qualified tutors providing personalised, one-on-one support. Get help and communicate in a safe, moderated environment.

Certificate of achievement

Grok competitions are challenging, and we want to recognise students’ achievements! All students who participate will receive a printable certificate.

Rank on the leaderboard

Go head to head with students from around the world! Earn points for each problem you solve, and rank on the leaderboard. to win glory for yourself and your school!

What students and teachers are saying…

“It teaches you as you go so you are able to test yourself, but you aren't expected to already know everything. I love how the problems are so creative, and entertaining to read. The tutors are also really friendly and respond quickly to queries.”

Lauren, 17

“Working on a challenge for hours, racking your brain and thinking about it for hours more, and then the feeling of success and satisfaction when you run it and it's correct! I love the little adrenaline rush you get when all the green ticks pop up!”

Lillian, 14

“Students who have normally been less than engaged in Tech are suddenly immersed in it, not only managing to work through the problems and frustrations but also helping each other. The collegiality and collaborative environment is fabulous.”

Sujatha, Technology Teacher

“Not only did the challenges allow [students] to develop new skills, it also improved their self confidence as they were able to see the improvements they made as they worked through the problems. Our school based data shows improved computational thinking with improved results in external competitions.”

Linda, Technology Teacher

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Primary Students

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* Prices are per student. Please check our pricing page for any discounts that may apply.

Secondary Students

From $18AUD / year*

* Prices are per student. Please check our pricing page for any discounts that may apply.

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