Cyber Comp

Is your school cyber secure? Test your students cyber security skills' in this free* online competition.

Cyber Comp is an online competition to test your students' cyber security skills.

The competition is open for 2 weeks from June 10, 2024.

*Entry to the Cyber Comp is free for all Australian students and included in paid Grok Access for international students.

Who can participate in Cyber Comp?

Cyber Comp is designed for students in years 5-12. It is free to access for all Australian students and included in paid Grok Access for international students.

Why should students take part in Grok Cyber Comp?

After taking part in Grok Cyber Comp students will:
  • Have a greater understanding of why it is important to protect their personal information
  • Know how to create stronger passwords
  • Be able to evaluate emails and text messages to reduce the risk of falling victim to scams
  • Understand what to do if they receive a scam email or message

When should students do Grok Cyber?

We recommend students take part in Grok Cyber Comp at school, during class time. The activity is suitable as a whole class activity during a pastoral care class, to address ICT Capabilities, as part of a Digital Technologies lesson or as part of a school's digital citizenship or digital literacy program.

How do students participate in Cyber Comp?

The competition window for the first round of Cyber Comp 2024 will be open for 2 weeks from June 10th, 2024.

When do students and teacher get their results?

Teachers can view their students' results in their teacher dashboard in the week after Grok Cyber Comp finishes. Students will be able to view their Grok Cyber Comp results in the week after Grok Cyber Comp is completed. Schools will also receive a report outlining aggregated results for their school, with suggestions to improve their school's overall cyber security awareness. 

What happens after the Cyber Comp is over?

After the competition window, Grok Cyber Comp will no longer be available to teachers and students.  

Is there a cost to take part?

Grok Cyber Comp is free to take part in for Australian Students. For international students, entry is included in Grok Access, you can purchase access for your students from your Teacher Dashboard.

Are there prizes?

All students taking part in Grok Cyber Comp receive a certificate recognising their achievement.

Information for teachers

How can my students prepare?

No preparation is required for your students to take part in Cyber Comp. It’s good if your students have a general awareness of how to stay secure online. The final questions in Grok Cyber Comp are designed to be challenging for students. All problems contain an explanation, and some hints are also provided.

Do my students need to have an understanding of cyber security to take part?

Students do not need any specific understanding of cyber security to take part in Cyber Comp.

Do students take part as individuals or in teams?

Students register individually on to take part in Cyber Comp. We encourage students to discuss their answers with peers and and as a group when they receive their results and feedback.

How can students continue learning after they complete Grok Cyber Comp?

Students can continue learning about cyber security by completing the Schools Cyber Security Challenges. The Schools Cyber Security Challenges are online activities available year round, designed for Australian students.

Challenges cover information privacy and security, data encryption and transmission, wired and wireless network security and web application security. With up to 28 hours of content available across 5 Challenges, the Challenges are suitable for students in years 5 to 12 and cover many key areas in the Australian Curriculum (Digital Technologies and ICT Capability).  Explore all of the challenges here.

How do I register students if I am a teacher?

Teachers can visit their teacher dashboard and assign students to the relevant comp for their year level.

Cyber Comp is brought to you with the support of our collaborators.

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