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Why Grok Learning?

Grok Learning provides a cutting-edge platform for online learning in a tutorial like environment. Students learn at their own pace, receiving detailed feedback about their progress from our intelligent auto-marking system. Lecturers and tutors can see their students' progress, interact with them in our live chat or forums, and download learning metrics to evaluate their course.

Our team has decades of experience lecturing, tutoring, and developing university programming courses.

Existing partnerships

In addition to around 600 schools, Grok Learning is used by universities including: The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, Macquarie University, the Australian Catholic University and community organisations including: the Cambodian Children's Trust and

Automatic code marking in different languages.

View student progress and submissions on a live updating dashboard

Dashboard to manage student progress

Tutors can provide support via live chat built into the learning interface

Dashboard to manage student progress


  • Code marking and running in a number of different programming languages, including Python 3, Java, C, C++, R, PostgreSQL, Octave (MATLAB), Bash (Unix shell), and HTML/CSS
  • Inline examples to supplement tutorial material
  • Live chat for tutors to support students
  • Data export for the popular plagiarism detection system MOSS
  • Student and lecturer/teacher discussion forums
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) support via SAML2, OAuth, and AAF
  • LTI support for integration with LMS's such as Blackboard, Coursera, and Moodle
  • Online support for technical and educational issues
  • Live-updating student progress dashboard

Security and Robustness

  • We have 99.5% uptime over the past 3 years
  • We undergo regular security testing
  • We can support tens of thousands of simultaneous users
  • All student data is hosted in Australia to satisfy data-locality digital security requirements
  • Grok works on all modern browsers: recent version of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, Internet Explorer 10 and up, and Safari 6.2 and up
  • Grok works on tablet devices

How Grok Learning can be used in your university

As a platform (PaaS)

We can provide the platform, to host course material and assessments for courses that involve programming.

Entire courses

We provide complete courses for students to catch up the necessary background for a course with assumed knowledge.

Customise courses

We have experience customising existing courses to suit the requirements of a particular Unit of Study.

Featured partners

The University of Sydney The University of Melbourne Australian Catholic University Cambodian Children's Trust Australian Access Federation

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