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Grok (verb)

To understand intuitively, or by empathy

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Introduction to Programming

An introductory course using the programming language Python for people with no programming experience.

Our unique mix of introductory content and challenges will bring you to a thorough understanding of Python and programming itself. We've taught this content to students of varying ages from diverse backgrounds and we're sure it'll suit you too.

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Introduction to Programming 2

Finished Introduction to Programming and want more?

Building on the content in Introduction to Programming, this course will get you solving more complex problems with simple solutions in no time.

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Coding in Cambodia (Newbies) School Only

Coding in Cambodia (Newbies) in Khmer

Learn how to program in our friendly and fun Blockly visual environment while you compete with students from around the world. You can also see how your programs look in Python. The Newbies stream is designed for younger students with no prior experience at programming. This level is most suited to students in late primary or junior secondary school (10 - 14 year olds).

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My First Program (Blockly) Coming Soon

A course designed for kids to write their first real programs.

This introductory course is designed to get kids writing their first real programs. It uses Blockly, a visual interface to make programming easier and more intuitive for total beginners and younger students. However, it also shows kids the code 'under the bonnet' so they can transition to programming in Python.

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Introduction to Programming 3 Coming Soon

Mastered Python basics and want to try your hand at some more advanced programming?

This course builds on the Introduction to Programming II course, and will teach you more advanced Python programming techniques, including regular expressions and list comprehensions, allowing you to craft elegant solutions to difficult problems.

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Logo for Beginners Coming Soon

Robotic turtles that use pens? Yes please!

Logo teaches beginning programmers the basics of coding using step by step basic instructions. You command a turtle as it draws graphics whilst swimming across the screen. Some of the illustrations you end up with are truly remarkable!

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Python Express Coming Soon

Got some programming experience already? Express covers Python quickly and comprehensively.

In Python Express we'll get you up to speed with Python as fast as possible. The course explains basics in a way that you can relate to your existing experience while also diving in to more advanced concepts that you may not have seen before.