A course for kids to write their first real programs.

An introductory course using the programming language Python for people with no programming experience.

Finished Introduction to Programming and want more?

An introduction to databases and Structured Query Language (SQL).

Extend your Python skills to automatically edit and manipulate your images.

A fast-paced eight-module walkthrough of the basics of HTML5 and CSS3.

Explore a different side of maths, and learn Python programming along the way. For the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics Year 7.


A fast-paced introduction to programming with the BBC micro:bit.

Get started writing Python programs on the BBC micro:bit using the Blockly visual programming environment.

Create your own colourful critters with code!

Write programs that ask questions and make decisions.

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Introduction to Programming 3 (Python)

Mastered Python basics and want to try your hand at some more advanced programming?

A demo course to showcase a number of features of the Grok platform.