Grok Academy to partner with Richard White

Australian tech billionaire Richard White, CEO of WiseTech Global and long-term Grok champion, has pledged $50 million to transform STEM education in Australian schools and Grok Academy is proud to partner with him on this project.

Grok Academy will work with Mr White to develop an innovative and engaging online platform to transform tech education and foster our next generation of technologists.

The platform isn't just for students, it will also provide teachers with training in tech-related subjects and feature automated marking, freeing up time for teachers to mentor strugglers and encourage those sprinting ahead.

Grok Academy CEO James Curran, says this new project isn’t about training every child to be a software engineer, but to create a deeper understanding of big concepts such as data analysis and automation.

Read more in the Daily Telegraph article.

Richard White with Year 9 Auburn Girls High School students, Wendy Huang, Dorothy Zhang, Jahnavi Gadale, Htoi Tsawm Ra Maran, and Selina Lin. Picture: Justin Lloyd.

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