Intro to Databases (SQL)

An introduction to databases and Structured Query Language (SQL).

Our introductory databases course uses a mix of explanatory notes and real-life data sets to get you diving into data from the very beginning. We explain Structured Query Language (SQL) from the ground up, so whether you're new to databases or have some experience and are looking for new data to explore, we're sure you'll find something in this course for you.

Getting data out of databases
1. Hello animals
2. Animalia binomen
3. Hello convicts
4. Arrival vessels
5. Endangered status
6. Freed convicts
Data types and query filters
1. All about convicts
2. All about species
3. Vulnerable species
4. Threatened birds
5. Convicts of the Third Fleet
6. Threatened species outside NSW
Filtering different data types
1. Early convict arrivals
2. Encyclopaedia volume Z
3. Freed after 1825
4. Early train services
5. Rising to the challenge
6. Trains too small
Using multiple filters
1. Leaving Europe
2. Extinct species
3. Sporting nations
4. Displaced Iraqis
5. Endangered birds and amphibians
6. Melbourne peak services
Sorting results
1. Australian asylum seekers
2. Train timetable
3. The impact of war
4. Wages of Australian GPs
5. Happiest medal winners
6. Comparing educator earnings