Quantum Computing 1

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Enter the tiny, cold and weird quantum world. Learn about the next generation of computers and how they compare to today's computers.

The course is a blend of computing, science, mathematics and industry careers. It explores how conventional computers work and how they represent data in binary. There are some challenging and relevant topics, such as climate change models and drug development, and they pose real challenges for today's computers. To solve them, we need not just more computing power, we need to re-think how computers work.

In this course, students journey into the world of the microcosmos. They go deep into atoms and explore the characteristics of electrons. There, they meet magnetism and learn how to put it to use for computing.

Along the way, students visit the labs at Silicon Quantum Computing (SQC) in Sydney through a virtual tour and perform virtual experiments on some of SQC's equipment from the safety of their own computers. For example, students make components of a quantum computer.

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