DT Challenge Space Invaders

Use JavaScript to learn how to create a Space Invaders game!

Command an alien space fleet to save your home planet from global catastrophe. Build a fleet of drone ships using advanced top-secret technologies, like algorithms, sequence, iteration and branching. On your journey to Earth, meet the Doctor, slingshot around a black hole, land on distant moons and mine for valuable resources. Your mission is to outsmart Earth’s Global Defense System in your quest for precious water.

We are counting on you, Commander! Long live the Zargan Empire.

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Access to the DT Challenges for Australian students in Years 3-8 has been funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment until the end of 2020.

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The journey begins
1. Making our first spaceship 0/1
2. Changing the appearance of a spaceship 0/1
3. More spaceship designs 0/1
4. Positioning a spaceship 0/1
5. Positioning a spaceship: manoeuvre 0/1
6. Positioning a spaceship quiz 0/1
Growing the fleet
1. Making two spaceships 0/1
2. Function toolset available 0/1
3. Row of spaceships: part 1 0/1
4. Row of spaceships: part 2 0/1
5. Two rows of spaceships 0/1
6. Three rows of spaceships 0/1
7. Grid of spaceships 0/1
8. Grid of spaceships quiz 0/1
Stardrive operation
1. Moving spaceships right 0/1
2. Moving spaceships right-left-.... 0/1
3. Moving spaceships right-left-right .... 0/1
4. Moving spaceships down 0/1
5. Moving Spaceships quiz 0/1
6. Solar system quiz 0/1
The battle for Earth
1. Battle for Earth 0/1
2. The curtain rises 0/1