DT - Get Interactive: Scratch

Learn to use Scratch with step by step instructions.

Welcome to Scratch + Australian Computing Academy + Grok Learning. In this short course learn to use inputs and if statements in your Scratch projects. Create more interactive projects which react to user inputs and make decisions to create useful projects and games.

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Access to the DT Challenges for Australian students in Years 3-8 has been funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment until the end of 2020.

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Decisions and inputs
1. Pick 2
2. Pick another number
3. If touching then
4. Reaction
5. Checking: If...then 0/1
6. Checking: How often? 0/1
7. Checking: Forever 0/1
8. Checking: Is it an input? 0/1
9. Asking a question
10. Answer with a number
11. Freckles part 1
12. It's in the bag
13. It's enough
14. Let me in
15. Donut Time
16. Checking: PG-13 0/1
17. Checking: Am I old enough? 0/1
18. Checking: Out of lives 0/1
19. Game Design
20. Your gaming playground