DT Moving Things: Scratch

Learn to move sprites around the stage using Scratch, with step by step instructions.

Welcome to Scratch + Australian Computing Academy + Grok Learning. In this short course learn to move sprites around the stage in Scratch. Learn about x- and y-coordinates so that you can position and move sprites within a project.

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Access to the DT Challenges for Australian students in Years 3-8 has been funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment until the end of 2020.

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Moving Sprites
1. Meet x
2. Which way? 0/1
3. Send your y to the sky
4. Where? 0/1
5. Up and over
6. Hidden treasure
7. Giddy Up! 0/1
8. Glide Time
9. Gliding along 0/1
10. This way and that 0/1
11. Change x and y
12. Down and left
13. Dot to dot
14. Point and go
15. Letters and numbers
16. Your space