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Applications for NCSS 2023 have closed. Applications for NCSS 2024 will open in August 2023.

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Eligibility and Selection Criteria

NCSS applications will be accepted from students who will complete Year 11 in 2023, and from exceptionally gifted Year 10 students.  Selection of students will be based on academic performance, particularly in the subjects of mathematics and science, and demonstrated interest in computing. Personal qualities, such as community service, and social and teamwork skills will also be taken into consideration.

No prior knowledge of computing is assumed. Students who are not taking computing units of study at school are eligible to apply. Rest assured that students who enter the program as proficient programmers will also find plenty of material to extend their skills.

NCSS Program


We will undertake extensive COVID-safety planning based on advice from Health NSW and Health Victoria.  Summer school and students and parents will be required to sign a consent form covering COVID-19 requirements.

Whilst we have every intention to run the summer school, we reserve the right to cancel at any time, based on advice from Health NSW and Health Victoria or due to other consequences of the pandemic.