Cyber Hunt

Short cyber activities for school students

Great as conversation starters, warm up classroom activities, or challenges for groups of students, these cyber problems take 5-15 minutes, and stretch students' creativity and problem solving skills.

  • Free for everyone!
  • No Grok account needed
  • No cyber experience necessary (but it won't hurt)
  • More teacher information here

System Vulnerabilities

These systems are not as secure as you think.... Can you crack them?

Hidden Data

Sometimes information is hidden in the strangest places...

Private Information

Are you sure it's a secret?


Quick coding problems, no language specific knowledge required!


Can you crack the code?

Teacher Information

The time suggestions are based on our estimates of how long it may take students (in the given band levels) to solve the problem. This is a guide - students with prior knowledge may complete some questions more quickly.

If a problem looks interesting but it is targeted at a different year level, students may still find value in doing the problem - however, it may take more or less time than indicated.

All verified teachers have access to teacher notes and solutions. To verify your account, you will need to create a Grok account, log in, and request verification. Once verified, you'll be able to view teacher notes and solutions in the Teacher Notes tab.

If you don't already have a Grok Academy account, you'll only be able to access questions via this page.

Australian Curriculum version 9 Webinars

Grok Academy has developed 19 webinars to support the implementation of Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies version 9. The following webinars will help you teach these activities by giving an overview of curriculum concepts relevant to the activities and providing practical teaching and assessment strategies to engage students.

The full series of videos from F - 10 is available at