Blastoff with micro:bit

Make a cool rocket ship with the BBC micro:bit using the Blockly visual programming environment.

Prepare for launch with the micro:bit! Set your sights on the stars by making a rocket ship, complete with countdown. You don't need a real micro:bit to participate. Use our full micro:bit simulator to learn, explore what the micro:bit can do! Blast-off in 3, 2, 1! If you have a micro:bit you can use our resources to build a cardboard rocket.

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Launch the micro:bit
1. Shed light on the problem 0/1
2. Like a diamond in the sky 0/1
Repeating things
1. Hearts in space 0/1
2. Twinkle twinkle little diamond 0/1
3. 3... 2... 1... GO! 0/1
Making Decisions
1. Check the video feed 0/1
2. Keep the beat! 0/1
3. Life Detector 0/1
Blast Off!
1. Countdown to launch! 0/1
2. Fire the rockets! 0/1
3. Final Project Blast Off! 0/1
4. Blockly micro:bit Playground