Intro to HTML/CSS

A fast-paced eight-module walkthrough of the basics of HTML5 and CSS3.

Discover what HTML5 and CSS3 are, how they work, and how you can tame them in order to build your first website from scratch!

What is HTML and CSS?
1. Hello, World!
2. True Blue
3. Argleton
4. Monospacious
Colours, alignment, links, and images
1. Shakespeare
2. It's not easy being green
3. Linking Wikipedia
4. Holiday Blog
HTML document structure and lists
1. Hacker Typing
2. A title for a knight (or a wizard)
3. Another kind of element
4. Hottest 100
CSS classes, margins, borders, and padding
1. Classy Shopping
2. Cat Gallery
3. Unread Notifications
4. Mmm... Brownies
Web fonts and the CSS box model
1. Shake it like a polaroid picture
2. Renaissance Faire
3. Jack in a border-box
4. Barking Dad!
Overriding styles, backgrounds, and the display property
1. Snapcat
2. Keep calm and code on
3. Cute as a button
4. Run out sale
Semantic HTML and CSS child selectors
1. Hook, Line and Header
2. Athlete's Footer
3. Pick aside
4. The Argleton Advertiser
Navigation, menus, and the CSS :hover pseudo-class
1. Good Sir, I Cannot Draw
2. Cheshire cat
3. Drop out of sight
4. inTRIPid