In addition to all of our online material and embedded teacher notes, we've put together some teaching resources for you. We'll be adding more over time so check back here often!

In the Classroom

Lesson plans/Project ideas

Monster Maker Lesson Plan - Blockly

Programming in Primary School - Introducing if statements

Turtle Flowers Coding Project

5 Beginner Coding Projects

Coding tips and advice

Top 7 debugging tips for beginners

Become a Timelord with the BBC micro:bit

Slides covering content of the NCSS Challenge Beginners stream:


Python 3 cheatsheet poster for your classroom

Python 3 cheatsheet poster for your classroom (low colour version for printing)

Computational Thinking poster for your classroom

Letters to Parents

Why learn to code?

Teacher Workshops

Online teacher PD workshops on Youtube:

Conference Presentations

Decompress March 23 2018

Ben Taylor and Jess Norris: Developing a JavaScript course video

ACCE 2016 September 29 - October 2 2016 Brisbane
  • Katie Bell: Stop downloading. Start uploading. Students as creators not consumers on the web. (slides)
  • Katie Bell and Vivian Li: Teaching students to solve problems with code in Python. Code. Create. Compete. (slides)
  • Katie Bell and Vivian Li: Build a website and put it on the internet. (slides)
  • James Curran: Programming in the Digital Technologies curriculum. (slides)
  • Vivian Li and Katie Bell: Programming with turtles. Computational thinking meets spatial reasoning. (slides)
PyCon Australia's "Python in Education Seminar" August 12 2016 Melbourne
  • Vivian Li: Teaching geometry using Logo/Python turtle module (slides) (video)
  • Jim Mussared: MicroPython: Embedded programming for everyone (slides) (video)
"Coding In Schools" event February 15 2016 Brisbane
  • James Curran and Nicky Ringland: Coding in the Australian Curriculum (slides)
"Implementing the Digital Technologies Curriculum" conference March 16-17 2016 Melbourne
  • James Curran: Unpacking Digital Technologies (slides)
  • James Curran: Teaching Digital Technologies in Secondary (slides)
ICTENSW March 11-13 2016 Sydney
  • Katie Bell: Web Development and the (HTML) Element of Competition (slides)
SyPy March 3 2016 Sydney
  • Tim Dawborn: Failing “Hello, name” & exception woes (slides)
"Improving STEM Education & Skills" conference October 16-17 2015 Melbourne
  • James Curran: Computing in the Australian Curriculum (slides)
  • James Curran: Implementing Digital Technologies masterclass (slides)