Professional Development

Grok will help you land new clients, expand into new markets and improve your existing work. Our interactive guides can teach you something completely new or give you advanced lessons in topics you're already familiar with. Plus, at the end you'll be a recognised Grok learner.

Learn a skill that will help with your career

From freelance programming to investment banking, improving your programming skills can help grow your career. You can write programs to automate processes, improve publicity through a new website, or write tools to help you get your job done faster.

Get clear learning material you can download or use online

Our interactive learning system lets you really grok the code. You'll have access to our online hands-on coding environment, eBooks and downloadable content.

Learn at your own pace, in your own time

Our system lets you learn when and how it suits you. You've got access to our system 24/7 and whether it's a 10 minute break or an 8 hour marathon, we've got you covered.