Policies & Procedures

Domains owned or operated by Grok Learning

The following domains are owned or operated by Grok Learning. The ones that are marked as required are required for general operational use of the Grok Learning platform. The ones that are not marked as required as used for additional purposes, such as URL shortening.

If you are having any issues accessing one or more Grok Learning domains, please visit our debug blocked page to help you and your network administrator work out what needs to be unblocked.

Domain Purpose Required?
The main website for the Grok Learning platform.
The Content Delivery Network for the Grok Learning platform.
HTML/CSS/JavaScript code produced by learners is run on this domain.
Our support knowledge base. This domain is owned by Grok Learning, but the application hosted here is operated by Help Scout.
cmp.ac A URL shortener domain.
get.gl A URL shortener domain.
grok.gl A URL shortener domain.
python.gl A URL shortener domain.