Cybermarvel @ Grok Academy

Grok Academy is a proud supporter of Cybermarvel - a collaborative initiative of the NSW, ACT, TAS, SA, NT and VIC education departments, and Cyber Security education providers across Australia. The initiative aims to:

  • Actively build staff and students’ cyber safety awareness and skills.
  • Inform parents and carers on how to keep their families safe online.
  • Encourage safe online behaviours and experiences.

On this page, you'll find all of the Cyber Security resources Grok has provided to support the Cybermarvel program.

Junior Primary School

Digital Detectives

Do you know how to respond to cyber security risks?

Students play a board game where progression towards winning involves responding appropriately to a range of risky situations, designed to replicate their interactions online.

You can also view the cards (or print them out) from these slideshows:

Safe Passwords

How do you make a safe password?

Students follow simple algorithms to create safe passwords they can use for their various accounts.

Supporting materials

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Upper Primary School

Cyber Security fundamentals

How many cyber security puzzles can you solve?

A series of short modules that explore a range of cyber security topics covering safe behaviours online. Designed to be done as separate modules, or as a complete lesson sequence.

Download the lesson plans supporting these modules below:

Information Privacy and Security

Join Sam as they interact with their friends in a fully realised social media environment.

This Challenge teaches personal information security using the innovative approach of thinking from a hacker’s point-of-view. Students will learn to value the importance of passwords, as well as discover just how vulnerable private information can be online.

You can also download the supporting lesson plan.

Supporting materials

The resources below support the lesson plans linked above, or can be used in your own lessons to explore different cyber security concepts.

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Junior Secondary

Know your risks!

An interactive exploration of what is and isn't safe to share online.

What information is safe to share online? This interactive (Powerpoint) classroom presentation will help you understand the risks.

Learn about whether to share, not share or be cautious with different pieces of your information. Decide and see if you agree or disagree with our assessment and discuss with your classmates.

You can also download the physical version and create the cards to use the resource in an unplugged environment.

Information Privacy and Security v2.0

A comprehensive and interactive exploration of Cyber Security principles from the hacker's perspective.

Learn about purposeful sharing, password security, multi-factor authentication and phishing. This is an updated version of our widely successful Information Security course.

Web Application Security v2.0

Find out how developers keep the websites you visit safe and secure.

This Challenge demonstrates the importance of security in web applications by exposing typical flaws in websites that can be exploited using tools built into the web browser.

Data Encryption and Transmission v2.0

Learn how data is protected using encryption techniques.

Learn the many different ways data can be hidden inside other data, including through classical substitution ciphers. This version of our popular course involves no programming, and is a great starting point to understanding fundamental principles of cryptographic techniques.

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Senior Secondary

Network Security v2.0

Learn how networks secure our data during transmission between computers.

This Challenge teaches the fundamentals of wired and wireless networks and the underlying principles of digital systems using BBC micro:bits.

Digital Forensics

When something goes wrong, not everything is always what it seems...

In this course, you'll learn what it's like to look into a data breach, and follow various data trails to work out what might have happened.

Cyber Live

Experience a real world cyber attack!

A Navy captain is held captive inside his ship. A major landmark has gone dark. And weapons are pointed at Sydney’s busiest sites...

It’s all connected, and it’s up to students from around Australia to free the captain, track down the culprit, and stop them.

Students on this cyber adventure will need to trace clues, solve puzzles, and figure out how to stop a large scale simulated cyber attack before it’s too late.

Modelling Cyber Threats

Learn how data is protected using encryption techniques.

Discover how cyber security professionals use modelling tools to identify system threats and understand the risks they pose.This Challenge also explores how threats are prioritised, and possible mitigation strategies to lower the risk.

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Teacher activities

Classroom posters!

Cyber Security classroom posters

A collection of posters you can print and put up on your wall to remind students of critical cyber security principles.

Recorded webinars

Cyber security webinars

A collection of webinars that talk through using some of the resources shared on this page, and discuss how cyber security is reflected in the curriculum.

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