Intro to Programming (Blockly)

ModuleTopics Programming Skills
Talking to your ComputerWriting a simple program
  • Print a string
  • Store things in variables
  • Read input from the user
Calculating ThingsBlockly as a calculator
Data types
  • Use mathematical operations (+ - * / **)
  • Use strings
  • Find the length of a string
  • Convert between numbers and strings
  • Print out numbers and strings
Making DecisionsMaking decisions with if statements
Conditional operators
  • Use the if/elif/else control structure
  • Understand the difference between assignment and comparison
  • Make numerical comparisons using (> < = != >= <=)
  • Use nested if statements
Manipulating StringsUsing and changing strings of characters
  • Check for substrings within a string
  • Use strings in conditional expressions in if statements
  • Change the case of a string
  • Replacing parts of a string
Repeating thingsString indexing
Using for loops
  • String indexing
  • Loop over the characters in a string
  • Loop over a range of numbers
  • Loop in steps
  • Loop backwards
Using loopsMore looping
Data types
  • Sum numbers using a loop
  • Understand the difference between floats and integers
  • Looping over characters
  • Checking the ends of a string
Looping in the unknownUsing while loops
  • Looping while something is true: while loops
  • Stepping in while loops
  • Infinite loops
  • Reading multiple lines from the user
  • Using counters
  • Looping over characters
  • When to use for vs. while loop
  • Factorisation: worked example
Advanced loopingString slicing
  • Finding a substring within a string
  • Slicing strings
  • Setting flags in loops