DT - Get Started: Scratch

Learn to use Scratch with step by step instructions.

Welcome to Scratch + Australian Computing Academy + Grok Learning. In this short course learn to create your first project in Scratch. Learn how to add instructions to sprites, add more sprites and backgrounds, and learn what kinds of instructions you can use to make a project introducing yourself.

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Access to the DT Challenges for Australian students in Years 3-8 has been funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment until the end of 2020.

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Starting with Scratch
1. Welcome!
2. Move it
3. Hello!
4. And goodbye
5. Turn time
6. Looking Good!
7. Let's check 0/1
8. Order matters 0/1
9. Change It Up
10. More Events
11. Costume Change
12. Add a sprite
13. Add a backdrop
14. And wait
15. Knock knock
16. Three things about me
17. Many events 0/1
18. What we know 0/1
19. Your space