NCSS Challenge
Curriculum and Content Information


Beginners (Python and Blockly)

  • In addition to the content in Newbies, will also cover the following content descriptions: Year 7-8 Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies: ACTDIK024, ACTDIP027, ACTDIP029, ACTDIP030.
  • Simplified reading level.
  • Available in two options: Python and Blockly. NB: Only Python is a general-purpose programming language.
  • Both options cover the same content, allowing students in the same class to do either option.
  • Content includes basic branching and looping control structures, manipulating different types of data, and turtle graphics.


  • Designed for students with some previous coding experience.
  • Content of the Beginners courses is assumed knowledge.
  • Covers the following content descriptions: Year 9-10 Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies: ACTDIK035, ACTDIP038, ACTDIP040, ACTDIP041.
  • Content includes advanced control structures, functions and data structures.